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Paint color selection

made easy is our specialty!

Have you just made the decision to freshen up the look of your home but cannot decide what color to paint?  Let us help you pick the paint colors!

Picking paint 
colors that are a perfect fit for your project. 

Choosing the “perfect” paint color that ties everything together can be an overwhelming process. We understand the frustration of going to the paint store, gathering paint samples you think are perfect, putting swatches on the wall and nothing looks like you thought it would.


Well, take a deep breath… Maribeth Harvey specializes in Paint Color Selection Made Easy. She will be there to help tie all of those expensive investments - furniture, artwork and flooring - together with the thing you live with every day - the color of your walls and cabinets.

With her help, you can paint it right the first time.

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, your paint color palette selection can be accomplished in 1 - 3, visits, at no additional cost to you, if you hire the James Harvey Group to do the painting.  If you have your own painter or are a do-it-yourselfer, that's fine too!  The cost is $50/hour. 

Color Paint Palette


Armed with a variety of different color family samples on 11” x 14” boards, Maribeth comes to your home to discuss the colors you love and don’t love and explore various color options to suit your home and style.

 Painting Tools and Palette


Together we narrow down color options to suit your taste - whether it is one room, a whole house or kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen with paint supplies


If we have not together come up with the perfect color(s) on the first visit.  Maribeth will come back again with more suggestions based on our previous meeting. 

Freshly painted room by The James Harvey Group


Once we have narrowed down your color choices, she will leave the boards with you so you can see the colors in bright sunshine, night-time and/or rainy days.  From there we choose the paint colors that you love. Easy peasy.

Eliminate the guesswork of
going it alone!

We understand that picking paint colors for your home can be difficult, time consuming and often frustrating. Maribeth will help you pick paint colors using a process developed from years of experience and eliminates the anxiety and expense of paint color sample guesswork.

Paint Buckets
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